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Guitar Tone CapacitorsVarious 1950's Sprague Bumblebees

ReWind Electric stocks an extensive collection of vintage tone capacitors including real Sprague Bumblebees, Sprague Black Beauties, Sprague Gray Tigers, original Vitamin-Q caps, milspec Sprague caps, Russian K40Y-9 and other Russian military caps, and a wide selection of Cornell-Dubilier, Gudeman, West-Cap, and other top-quality U.S.A. made vintage capacitors.

Please email to inquire about availability of specific cap values, brands, and prices.

Volume and Tone PotentiometersShort Shaft TVT Pots

Always searching for the best sounding, most robust and best feeling pots with a fully useful true vintage taper, the new dished back CTS vintage taper pots are the present favorite, in all categories. 50's style wiring with vintage tone caps and rock solid vintage taper pots are absolutly essential to realize the full potential and range of sounds that a set of high end pickups can produce. It is recommended to replace the stock wiring harness in most guitars, even when using the factory pickups for maximum usability and sonic clarity.

ReWind stocks an extensive array of pots in various values and sizes.
Please call or email for details and current stock.