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Humbucking Pickup Mounting Accessories

Vintage Pulls Series 1959 P A F CoversVintage Pulls Series Custom Aged P A F Covers

Vintage Pulls Series (VP) Covers are accurate 1959 P A F replica covers with no copper layer, pole screw hole dimples, and perfectly shaped faces and corners. These are exclusive ReWind covers, made exactly like original PAF covers, including the deep draw stamping, flush-cutting, manual grinding and polishing, no-copper electroplating, and hand-buffing, all right here in the USA.

Rather than simply reduce the treble like common covers, these provide the same enhanced resonant peak of vintage P A F covers, as well as the distinct look and shape of vintage covers. Can be unaged or aged to any degree. These are ReWind Electric exclusive, American-made, hand-processed covers.

Vintage Pulls Series Custom Aged P A F Covers

The "Lightly Aged" option provides a mostly shiny but just slightly dulled apperance, uniformly across the entire top surface.

Custom aging requests, such as string shadows or photo matching to customer provided photos, can be accomodated with the "Heavy or Custom Aged" option.

Covers are sold as singles covers. For a pair of covers, order two. For a set of three, order three.

Plating & Finish
Aging Notes (Custom Aged Only)

NEW 2022 Version! Vintage Replica CAB Pickup Mounting Rings - New Photos Coming SoonAged Black Pickup Mounting Rings

New version with perfect replica details, including size, shape, softness, underside markings, and tooling. Sold in bridge & neck pairs. Bone white is very light, not completely white but very light in color as you may see in old photos of vintage instruments at the time they were still new. The cream color is a bit darker, as you would see on a clean vintage instrument, today. Aged options add wear and grime in a realistic way but do not significantly change the overall color. Rings are flat on bottom and will bend to take the shape of a carved top, just like originals.

Color & Aging Options

Vintage Style Pickup Mounting Spring and Screw Set

Late-1950s-style height adjustment and mounting screws for humbuckers. Accurate head shape and size, correct slotted drive size, full 1 1/4" vintage length and threading. Proper electroplating method. Springs are long, firm, made of the correct gauge wire, and will hold tension for the life of a guitar, just like the originals.

Pickup Mounting Spring & Screw Set (4 springs / 4 screws)

Other Accessories

"Mapleflame Mod" KitMapleflame Mod Sustain Enhancing Kit

This kit replaces the short and soft brass bridge posts with longer stainless steel posts that sit deeper in the guitar's top to better transfer string vibration to the instrument and prevent "bridge lean" that the soft brass posts can suffer from.
Includes two size 6-32, grade 316, stainless steel threaded rod sections cut to 2" lengths with polished ends as well as a 6-32 drill and tap set for deepening and threading the post holes in the guitar body properly. Professional installation strongly recommended.

Sustain and Tone Enhancing Kit For ABR-1 Equipped Guitars