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Humbucking Pickup Mounting Accessories

Vintage Pulls Series Aged Humbucking Pickup CoversDual Right Angle Instrument Cable

Vintage Pulls Series covers are stamped right here in the U.S.A. from nickel silver sheet in a 1959 vintage accurate shape, size, pole spacing and weight. Cleaned, belt ground and polished then lightly plated without copper flashing in the proper vintage technique. The dimples around the pole screw holes are noticeable, but modest, as most 1959 PAF covers are. String shadows are tastefully recreated through actual wear, not chemicals, and look truly accurate. These aged covers are the same covers that come with the ReWind Electric "Vintage Pulls Series" aged humbuckers. Available in nickel and gold plating in singles or matched sets of two or three covers. Custom aging to match a guitar or preferences also available upon request. For best preformance and to avoid potential pickup damage, professional installation is recommended.


Vintage Style Pickup Mounting Rings Aged Black Pickup Mounting Rings

Vintage PAF height, size and shape. These rings are a bit taller than modern rings but tend to fit on most modern guitars without modification. These are flat on the bottom like all vintage Gibson rings. They will bend to match the arch of any guitar top and can also be sanded to adjust angle or radius. The cream color is a nice tasteful very light coffee color, not at all pink or green.

Retro-Style Mounting Ring Set

Vintage Style Pickup Mounting Spring and Screw Set

Vintage-Accurate Pickup Mounting Spring & Screw Set (4 springs / 4 screws)

Other Accessories

"Mapleflame Mod" KitMapleflame Mod Sustain Enhancing Kit

This kit replaces the short and soft brass bridge posts with longer stainless steel posts that sit deeper in the guitar's top to better transfer string vibration to the instrument and prevent "bridge lean" that the soft brass posts can suffer from.
Includes two size 6-32, grade 316, stainless steel threaded rod sections cut to 2" lengths with polished ends as well as a 6-32 drill and tap set for deepening and threading the post holes in the guitar body properly. Professional installation strongly recommended.

Sustain and Tone Enhancing Kit For ABR-1 Equipped Guitars