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Great review and great sounding pups!

I agree with everyone's assessment of James and his ReWind pickups...(SHOW MORE)

I snagged the handwound Low Output set from his recent proto sale and both the pickups and his service are excellent. We exchanged a couple messages on New Years day and they were in the mail the next morning. I received them 2 days later and have been enjoying them ever since. The pup route in my R8 didn't accommodate the covers and James was more than willing to switch for covers that would fit. He's very passionate and very talented.

I have a rewind low wind in the neck position of my number 1, a '77 custom. Its the best neck pickup I have ever... (SHOW MORE)

worked with, wonderful clarity, very versatile. It can scream, sing, twang, flutey. I love it. Since the upgrade I have really started to lean on it, I play in the neck position more than I used to. Its right bitchin. Thanks cool james. Its has provided me alot of inspiration. \m/

I echo your sentiments about the service you get when ordering ReWinds. I have two sets and a single so far, and...(SHOW MORE)

I'm just getting started! Every time I've emailed or PM'd James with ideas or suggestions, he's quick to respond, takes the time to think through what I'm going for, and makes suggestions for how best to get there. Shit, when we were working on my CB set that is in my ES339, he recommended changing his current technique for one of the pickups to get to the sonic ground I was hoping for - and he delivered in spades. And he set me up with all new electronics and vintage bees for that axe - it was like a completely different instrument after! When I saw he was winding a JPP set, I had to have one of the prototypes! When he saw my post about it and that I was dead broke, he PM'd me so we could find a way to work out a deal. AND he sent me a NOS tone cap to boot, which I was not expecting! Double whammy guitar upgrade. Class act dude who takes care of his customers. My R8 has a set of high output PAFs that I absolutely love also. If you listen to the guitar solo in this tune (starts at about 2:25) - that's total RW hot PAF love. The solo is doubled and on one track I used an old Vox wah. It's that R8 => wah => Louis Electric KR12, and a 2x12 cab with Vintage 30s. I think we used a Shure SM57 and a Sennheiser 421 and blended them. There's a mic pre on em too, a Chandler TG2 I think. Don't Call Me On Saturday | Social Hero My band is going into a studio for a quick session tomorrow to cut one track for a compilation record. I'm bringing two guitars - the R8 and the Ronin Mirari. Both are ReWind equipped. 'Nuff said.

I'd like to take some time and tell you about my ReWind experience. Firstoff, James (Cooljuk) owner of ReWind couldn't be more helpful and accommodating when ordering gear. He responds right away and has the upmost of patience with...(SHOW MORE)

your questions and needs. When you place your order its as if he starts on it right away so he can send you your gear as soon as possible. I cannot tell you how much that means to me as a player and consumer. I understand waiting lists very well, and many companies are very up front with wait times....but the run around stuff gets old very quick. Thankfully James does not play that game (and all of the sponsors, vendors here don't least in my dealings with them!) I have two sets of pickups from ReWind. First the Creme Brulee set in double white with A4 mags and a Peter Green mag flip in the neck. The description is its a greatly improved '57 Classic. A pickup that I have a lot of love for, especially the earlier sets made by Gibson. Its a fantastic pickup...and the CB's have it beat. PAF tone is there it a 100% spitting image, replica, clone and its not meant to be...but it is an incredible early PAF tone, feel, experience. Its the highs and touch sensitivity that stand out, and the somewhat "single coil" experience that a lower wound humbucker/PAF style pickup brings to the party. They can handle the rock just fine too. Overall, its a keeper set and different from others sets I have in other a great way. The middle position out of phase is spot on...its just a great option to have. My second set is an overwound PAF set with A5 mags. Bridge is a hair over 9K and the neck is mid 8K. Just a KILLER set. Amazing that an overwound set can still retain the PAF highs, feel, character and tone but have the ability to rock it 80's style and beyond. Tons of harmonics and overtones/dynamics. Just peel back the volume knob and you are treated to great 60's plexi tones (when playing a Marshall style amp) and roll on up to 10 to let it rip. I have been on a Paul Kossoff kick of late and achieving that sound is important to me with a Les Paul. Also Greg Martin of Rufus Huff is a tone role model as well....if I can get in that ballpark, I'm real happy....and both my sets of ReWinds do it. I have owned some very expensive pickups...I'm not naming names here....they were fantastic, no question. I have owned some cheap pickups and some of them were fantastic, too. ReWind meets or exceeds every pickup I've owned....and I promise you, you name the brand and I've had a set of 'em over the past 15 years or so... All things considered its a can't lose situation. They are at a price point where you won't be out of a ton of cash to give them a whirl...and I know you'll get customer support for life from the guy! Just PM him and I bet he'll wind them until they are right for you. Also...his new covers are unreal. I haven't found a better cover out there. He clearly put alot of time and effort to get these looking authentic...and he delivered in spades. I'm not a paid advertiser and have no dog in the fight. I just know when I've been taken care of and when I have a great set of I felt like it was time to post my experience. I really want to put up a vid...but the best gear I have for that is my iPad. If I think I can get a short one that pays the sets justice...then I'll add them. Feel free to chime in with your ReWind experience or thoughts!

Where does he get those wonderful toys...???

Killer work dude!

Right now I have the pre72 installed into my Gibson. I'm still taking notes, but I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely blown away....(SHOW MORE)

I was worried if your neck pickup would sound like the WLH neck pickup and honestly James you nailed it in strides. It sound exactly like the WLH neck and even has a bit more volume to my ears. It's chimey and lively just like the WLH neck. As the bridge, I wish I could have taken a photo of my jaw dropping when I hit a cord with the pre72. You are so right, the attack feels like a single coil, but at the same time it articles far more then the WLH bridge (which was a love and hate relationship). Playing whole lotta love on the pre72 and your neck just feels so right for me. And I haven't even tried the pos72, and almost scared to because I am now getting a gas to get myself a heritage cherry trad just so I can have both sets in Les Pauls. I will be changing the bridge tomorrow and start taking notes on the pos72 then compile a detailed written review for you. But at the moment when it comes to the neck pickup and the pre72. Don't change a thing on them. You've nailed that jpp tone that so many have sought after and it seems you have unlocked it by going against the usual grain of a neck being higher DC then the bridge. I can't say enough love for the pre72, but again at the same time I look forward to seeing what the Pos72 will sound like. Also DADGAD messaged me saying he got his pickups so we will be doing some audio work very soon. Have a good one, -Angelo

DO NOT HESITATE TO GET THESE COVERS and PICKUPS for that matter!!!!!! They are the REAL DEAL. I've...(SHOW MORE)

HAD THEM ALL!!!! I've liked many of them for sure. YOU WILL DO NO BETTER THAN REWIND. You will love the tone. You will certainly love the look if you know anything about what the old PAF looked like. You will love the price. You will love the service. You will get your pickups in a VERY TIMELY manner. You will love being responded to. Do yourself a favor and try these pickups....and find me a better set of vintage humbucker covers at this price. Thank you. ReWind Vintage Pulls hot wound set with covers located in my '96 R7 Goldtop.

Hey man, I was finally able to install my underwound Creme Brulee along with my Low Output neck into my '71 SG today. They sound killer in there... I love the...(SHOW MORE)

richness and clarity of the Low Output with the short A2. As for the Creme Brulee, I put a long A2 in it before I even tried it out, and man does that pickup wail! It is bright but polite, and you can get a million different sounds out of it just with a few slight tweaks to the controls on the guitar. Really cool three dimensional sound on the low strings when clean. It sounds amazing through heavy gain too, very thrashy. This guitar has become a super versatile thing. I also used the NOS cap you sent with the LO neck pup. Great job once again brother, my dad would be proud of the way his old guitar sounded if he could hear it! Noah

Well technically it was yesterday, when I got home and found a present in my mailbox. Some cool stuff inside. And what!! A NOS tone cap?! Merry Christmas Mr. Cooljuk, thank you for...(SHOW MORE)


It was destined to be the bridge in this beast, one of my two Ronin Miraris:

You can never have enough silver, or skulls.

Got busy breaking down my axe and building it back up again tonight:
Ready to rock.

That NOS tone cap? Dropped in as well. Killer.

This thing is meaner than mean...

I've been able to jam on it a bit so far... These JPP winds are something special, especially this overwound prototype. It was originally meant for the neck position; I'm not sure what kind of coil offset James was working with for this one (though I imagine he'll chime in and tell us ), but in the bridge position the thing slays.

Brutal and aggressive at full bore, but it cleans up sweetly as you roll the volume back. As much chirp and honk as you could ever want, depending on how you dial in the volume and how much gain you use. Start rolling the tone back, and you start to get into some sweet, almost Knopfler sounds... pull it back even more, and your woman tone or Slash-doing-Knockin'-On-Heaven's-Door solos needs are met.

This pickup is an ace. The one that was in my guitar prior kicked ass (a custom wind from the Duncan shop, about 9K, potted, and a brutal rock machine that comes standard on these Ronins), but this is a totally different flavor, and I'm digging it. It's kind of like I went from the Ribeye to the Filet Mignon. Both stellar cuts, but I took away a bit of the raunch and added some tenderness.

I'm going to see if I can't get a clip or some video going. But for awhile at least, I'm just going to be too damn busy playing this guitar.

OK I’ve been working on this Video for a while now and it’s time to post The tone report for James’s VLO pickups that...(SHOW MORE)

he sent to me.

Once these were setup to where I was happy with the tone . I have found it difficult to move from the neck pickup . Now I’ve tried not to put my own opinions in any of my reviews , but I’m really liking this set of Pups . The Neck pup , having such a low Ohms # is so clear and articulate, It’s just special . I’ve always favored the neck Pup sound , but this pups sings for me .

Once I got the Bridge Pup set in a good place , even for a Neck pup lover , this Pup Just works . The output from this set of pups cooks and they are pushing air as well as any pickup of a higher Ohms # .

Nice clip! A really balanced set, very articulate. I really dig...(SHOW MORE)

the clean sounds on the neck pickup, and the clarity of the crunch sounds across the board.

I looked hard at the VLO set from his sale thread. I bet those would sound killer in a semi hollow too. I need to get a 335.

Great playing too!

With humbuckers like these, hey, who needs single coils...? Nice work James, very jangly!

As James mentioned I have the prototype set...(SHOW MORE)

of his Buckhummers and they are great. Easily the best hb sized P-90's I have ever played. Very clear with a really punchy bottom.

ust thought I'd give James and his pickups a bump. I've been playing my Very Low Output set for a few days now and am very pleased with...(SHOW MORE)

them. These pickups are dynamic and expressive. They sound great clean and dirty. And they sill retain their overall character when overdriven. Big thumbs up!

James also put together a complete wiring harness for me including pots, caps, switch, and jack. Everything in this harness oozes quality. Pots are smooth, volume and tone taper are great, Switchcraft jack is solid, and wiring is very well done.

And on top of all that, James really goes over and above in his customer service. His communication is excellent. He really goes out of his way to make sure you are happy. In a time where poor customer service seems to be the norm, James is a shining example of what customer service can and should be.

Hey James. I just wanted to give you a review of the medium output set you made for me a while back. I'm seriously happy with the tone I get, and man...(SHOW MORE)

do I get some compliments. I'm using a Plexi style amp with my Les Paul. Just great vintage tones all around. I'd like to think my playing has SOMETHING to do with it :)

Those pups whisper or bark, and everything in between. Just really beats anything I've had in the past. Keep up the great work bro!

Anybody looking at these pickups should seriously try them, you will not be disappointed. Most lower output pickups I've tried end up...(SHOW MORE)

sounding like a crappy single coil... Overly bright, brittle, no character. There are two exceptions (that I've played)... James' Low Output set And Electric City Pickups' RD-59 Low Winds. In the case of the ReWind there is just enough bite to make the pickup clear sounding (note seperation in chords is superb, which means a lot to me because i play a lot of jazz chords/comping), but The stock A2 keeps it round and full sounding enough so that you know you're still playing a humbucker. It is also constructed tightly and doesn't squeal even when shredding through hefty amounts of gain. For being only 6.75k ohms, this is still a "manly" pickup. I like to give credit where credit is due, and James of ReWind Electric winds great stuff.